Open Skye is your strategic creative partner.
We simply grow your business.

We believe an open mind leads to new opportunities. Our process starts with us questioning everything and everyone: you, your customers — and your competition. We dig in and discover the “what?” and “why?” And most importantly “why not?”

We combine these learnings with a mix of creativity, curiosity and common sense to simplify your most complex business challenges. And then present them in a compelling way that grabs your audience’s attention and makes them respond.

But enough about us. How can we help you?

Is everyone in your organization clear on what your brand is all about? Do you have a plan on how to reach new customers as technologies, habits and behaviors evolve? Are your public-facing materials out-of-date or no longer connecting?

Perhaps it’s time for a jargon-free conversation with someone who can help?

Case Studies

“Likes” are nice. Sales are better.
Go tell a car dealer with no floor traffic how many hits she has on her website. (She doesn’t care.) Clients also don’t care how many awards their agency won if said agency didn’t deliver results. We think like a client. We take great satisfaction in building things and seeing them take off and succeed.

In this age of social media disruption, what’s the real role and purpose if it doesn’t drive brand intent and purchase? It’s like stunts. Yeah, you got your name in the news — but did it move the needle to consumption?

Below are examples of partners we helped grow.


Established venture capital firm rebrands


 Mom and Pop store becomes regional chain


Manufacturer launches consumer brand


Mobility company takes a new path


Software company increases sales every year


Local consumer product finds a national audience

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